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Serving a Wide Range of Markets and Capabilities

Plastic Molding Technology solves mission-critical needs to reduce supply chain risk and complexity. We offer broad capabilities — including injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion — coupled with technical expertise to bring forward-thinking solutions to your projects. With four strategic locations in the Mountain time zone, PMT is well equipped to support a range of customer requirements and meet exacting standards. 
Our mission & vision

Developing solutions together to be our customers' first choice

Our Values

Strategically-Located Centers of Excellence

Plastic Molding Technology leverages its four strategic locations to provide engineering expertise and full-service solutions within our core capabilities of injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion. Our Centers of Excellence offer a unique customer experience within each core capability. With in-house engineering expertise and automated technologies for superior quality, PMT is a flexible and accessible partner when you can’t afford any errors.

Our Team

We are a team of highly-skilled, hard-working experts who are committed to partnering with you in developing cost-effective solutions.
Driven by our core values, integrity, honesty and business ethics, we remain focused on pushing for positive change while delivering value for our customers.
- Hal Alameddine

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