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Insert & Overmolding

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Custom Insert Molding & Overmolding

PMT specializes in complex insert molding and overmolding. As a premier provider of complex plastic insert molding, we offer custom automation cells, advanced robotics, vertical injection and rotary table molding.

PMT knows the challenges of custom insert and overmolding requires a strategic partner who can be your guide—outline the course, map the process and ultimately arrive at the desired outcome, on time. Partnering with PMT means you can be confident you're getting the experience and engineering expertise to guide the process from start to finish.

Our experienced team can perfect your part design with a variety of materials—from plastics, elastomers and metals to aluminum, brass, steel, copper and more.

Insert Molding

PMT’s insert experience includes terminals and contacts, screw machine components, cold-headed components, wound-coil bobbins, photo-etched components, and magnetic compounds. Production capabilities include both manual and automated loading, using vertical, horizontal or rotary table presses. Automation capabilities include feeder bowl, continuous strip feeding, robotic pick and placement/retrieval, and mechanical and electrical testing. PMT also offers custom automation systems for insert molding, using advanced robotics.

Insert Types

  • Terminals/contacts
  • Screw machine components
  • Cold headed components
  • Wound-coil bobbins
  • Photo-etched components
  • Magnetic compounds

Manual Insert Loading

Annual Volume

  • Small: 50,000 to 100,000 units
  • Medium: 100,000 to 1 million units

Benefits of Manual Loading

  • Lower Start-up Investment
  • Faster Start-ups

Automated Insert Loading

Annual Volume

  • High: > 1 million units

Benefits of Automation

  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Secondary operations can be achieved
 (e.g. in molded terminals bends, circuitry cutouts)
  • Reliability of operation
  • Dimensional stability
  • Lower scrap—approaching zero PPM
  • Reduced inventory Part Count

Types of Automation

  • Feeder bowl – (loose component feeding)
  • Continuous strip feeding
  • Robotic pick and placement/retrieval
  • Mechanical/electrical testing
  • Vision System to ensure accurate insert placement


PMT is a trusted overmolding source for customers in the electrical, medical device, appliance, telecommunications, transportation and electronics sectors. The overmolding process allows one thermoplastic materials to be molded over another material. The bonded materials create a single plastic part that achieves a particular aesthetic or ergonomic goal.

Materials are the focus of the overmolding process. With backgrounds and training in polymer science and plastics engineering, our expert team can help you navigate the complexities of resin selection to optimize the molding process for you part.

Benefits of Overmolding

  • Achieves an efficient and streamlined product design
  • Reduces secondary operations, assembly and post-molding labor costs
  • Improves part functionality and reliability by binding two plastic materials in one step
  • Encapsulation of components can provides protection from corrosion, vibration and/or shock for environmentally-sensitive metals or electronic parts

Our experts will work with you to ensure your insert or over molding project will meet the most stringent quality standards. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and discuss your next project or current production demands.

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