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Plastic Gear Molding

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Precision Plastic Gears and Moving Parts

Plastic Molding Technology manufactures precision gears, insert-molded gears and other functional parts to meet the highest technical and quality standards.

We can help design and engineer plastic gears for:

  • Full- and semi-recess action
  • Balanced tooth strength
  • Maximum contact ratio
  • Improved power efficiency
  • Enhanced motion efficiency

Our gear molding expertise includes:

  • Precision fabrication to AGMA #9 standards
  • High- or low-volume requirements
  • Specialized tooling design
  • Value-added features, including one-part molding
  • Material selection using highly engineered resins
  • Insert-molded gears

Specialized quality assurance for gear molding

PMT's expert Quality team provides full layout gear inspection using the latest measuring and testing equipment. We offer full quality assurance programs tailored specifically for gear manufacturing as well as functional gear inspection. Our Quality Lab includes the VARI-ROLL™ Radial Dual Flank Composite Analyzer System for gear testing, and includes tools for calculating test radius and center distances using circular tooth thicknesses or dimensions over rolls.

Contact our team to learn more about our plastic gear molding capabilities.

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