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Tool Design & Building

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Injection Mold Design, Build & Repair

PMT's Engineering & Design team takes your project from start to finish—on time. We streamline the manufacturing process into a one-stop shop experience with in-house mold design, building and repair.

PMT offers:

  • In-house tool design
  • On-site production and prototype tool fabrication
  • Tool sourcing with reliable, cost-effective shops
  • Real-Time Preventative Maintenance program
  • On-site major mold repair shop
  • A team of skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable mold builders

Decreasing Lead Times and Costs for Production Builds

Plastic Molding Technology’s mold-building and sourcing capabilities range from design and 3-D modeling to building or sourcing of high-precision injection molds. We offer prototype molds and high-volume production molds, including Class I warranted molds and Class 101 tooling with hardened steel cores and cavities.

We have made or sourced a variety of complex molds, including molds made by our trusted and proven business partners in the U.S. and Asia. Molds are designed and crafted to SPI/DIN standards.

Our mold expertise includes:

  • Hot runner systems
  • Unscrewing molds
  • Inserting molds
  • Family molds
  • Auto-self degating robotic extraction
  • Modular or master unit die (MUD) construction

Our on-site, full-service tooling shop is fully equipped to maintain, repair, and modify molds. Customer tools are housed in our custom Stanley VIDMAR mold storage system. All tools have full traceability for preventative maintenance schedules, repairs, cycle counts and real-time production through the plant-wide IQMS ERP system.


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At Pikes Peak Plastics, we focus on helping customers compete more effectively by assisting in the creation of better designs and achieving higher productivity. We’re a full-service plastic injection molding and component manufacturing company.
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