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Forming Solutions for Quality Plastic Parts

Plastic Molding Technology has an extensive line of thermoforming equipment to provide the highest accuracy, process control, and capacity in the Western U.S.

Thermoforming Capabilities

PMT is a premiere supplier of custom plastic thermoforming for customers in the medical, aerospace & defense, industrial and autonomous vehicle markets. From cosmetic-critical outer housings and skins to durable panels and enclosures, our expertise can form solutions for your project success.

Our award-winning plastics manufacturing services PMT's thermoforming location operates in a state-of-the-art facility with over 70,000 square feet of dedicated forming space. Our robust quality standards, depth of expertise and computer-controlled thermoforming equipment translate into repeatable standards for both long or short production runs. A turnkey supplier, PMT can handle engineering, product design, tool fabrication, trimming, assembly and secondary finishing operations.

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

PMT specializes in heavy-gauge thermoforming for durable, highly cosmetic, close-tolerance large plastic parts.

Vacuum Forming

PMT offers custom vacuum forming for manufacturing durable, quick-turnaround plastic parts with low-cost tooling

Pressure Forming

Pressure forming brings quality and detail that can match or sometimes exceed other plastic manufacturing process, along with tooling costs that are a fraction of injection molding


When your thermoforming project is mission-critical, Plastic Molding Technology has the engineering expertise to handle the entire tooling design and fabrication process


We offer extensive CNC milling capabilities for tooling fabrication, close-tolerance secondary machining of formed parts and machined custom plastic components
pikes peak - pikes peak plastics

State-of-the-Art Thermoforming Facility in Colorado

Plastic Molding Technology's state-of-the-art manufacturing sites drive efficiency. Consistent with PMT's commitment to provide mission-critical solutions, fast and effective service and a personalized commitment to success, we continually invest in new thermoforming equipment and technology.

Forming Machines
Thermoforming Square Footage

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Aerospace & Defense

Our in-house engineering expertise and automated technologies allow us to deliver mission-critical solutions fast and error-free with a certified commitment to quality


From tight-tolerance precision plastic gears to cosmetic-critical medical equipment cart builds, PMT maintains high quality standards and ISO 13485 compliance.


PMT supports industrial projects through the entire product lifecycle, including engineering, design support, resin recommendations and more


PMT is IATF 16949-certified supplier to Tier 1 and 2 auto manufacturers using industry standards to ensure a smooth product launch, including Product Part Approval Process (PPAP)

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