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In-House Tooling for Fast, Precise Builds

When your thermoforming project is mission-critical, Plastic Molding Technology has the engineering expertise to handle the entire tooling design and fabrication process. At PMT, tooling is manufactured in-house by highly qualified tool makers. We offer an extensive line of 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling centers, along with SolidWorks and Mastercam for CAD/CAM software to create form tooling and secondary fixtures. PMT can also offer large platform and cast tools through our long-term tooling partners.

Machined Aluminum Tools

PMT's tooling experts fabricate tools from 6061-T6 aluminum, which can be held to very close tolerances. These tools are then mounted on a temperature-controlled base to regulate the tool temperature during the forming process. Fabrication capabilities include male or female tools, vacuum-form and pressure-form tools. PMT also offers in-mold texturing, loose cores, pneumatic cores and inserts.

Cast Aluminum Tools

PMT also builds cast aluminum tools, which are manufactured at a foundry from a machined pattern made of composite material. The temperature controls are cast into the back and sides of the tools at the foundry. Cast aluminum tools are options for large parts with large draw ratios.

Composite Tools

For prototyping and short production runs, cost-efficient composite materials are used for mold construction. These molds produce parts that are to be evaluated for fit, form and function and may be modified to evaluate possible design changes. Composite molds are for vacuum forming only, are not temperature controlled and have a limited life.

Prototype Tools

Cost-effective composite materials are used in tool construction for prototyping and short production runs. These tools produce parts to be evaluated for fit, form and function, and can be modified to evaluate design changes.

Designing Project Success

During the design stage, our Engineering & Design team identifies the parameters of the project to determine the best tooling approach for each project. The team outlines all aspects of the product, including: critical dimensions and features; evaluations of the molded surface and Design for Manufacturability; fabrication and trim techniques; temperature requirements; options for finish requirements; and reviewing any opportunities for assembly or secondary operations to maximize efficiency.

Tooling Options

PMT offers a variety of tooling options for thermoformed, vacuum-formed and pressure-formed parts:

  • Composite
  • Machined aluminum
  • Actuated
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Cast aluminum
  • Vacuum or pressure forming
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