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How PMT Anticipates Surging Demands in the Renewable Energy Sector

December 8, 2022

The renewable energy industry is experiencing unprecedented demand growth that often leaves suppliers struggling to keep up with requirements. At PMT, we have the unique ability to not only scale with our customers’ demands, but to also achieve zero-defect molding in our processes.  

When a major manufacturer in the solar industry partnered with PMT, they brought a challenge for us to solve: molding a critical, functional plastic part with strict quality parameters and an ever-increasing forecast. 

To meet this challenge, PMT reevaluated the entire manufacturing process to effectively scale—without tying up any of the customer’s capital or disturbing the final assembly locations. We needed flawless execution to predict and deliver against demand surges—and mold defect-free parts while delivering on time. 

3 Ways We Removed Constraints to Achieve Success

1. Using historical data and future order projections, we saw the customer’s business growing and anticipated their needs. 

Our experts worked through the barriers to success early on by developing a process that would accommodate potential surge demands. We were able to optimize processing time while maintaining strict part quality.  

2. Our engineering team worked with the customer to re-engineer their tooling for success. 

PMT built a new, high-quality injection mold that was capable of up to 40% greater productivity versus the original tool. These improvements allowed us to incorporate ultramodern robotics and in-process verification and validation inspections.  

3. We designed automation to fully optimize the process.  

Our team re-engineered the manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes to guarantee faster production, denser shipments and more efficient asset utilization. 

Our Results: PMT is a Trusted Supplier 

As a proactive and responsive partner, PMT took the supply issues off the customer’s critical path and into our optimized, efficient process. Our customer was able to maintain a smoothly operating manufacturing process throughout enormous month-over-month demand increases. 

PMT became the sole trusted source for a critical component—a key supplier that this customer does not need to worry about.  

As a result: 

  • PMT supports 100% of demand increases  
  • We ship 99.9% average On-Time Delivery, even with order fluctuations 
  • We mold defect-free parts 
  • PMT is designated as the sole supplier 

Delivering quality parts on time in the renewable energy sector is critical, and we’re proud to have successfully partnered with a major manufacturer in the solar industry to help them meet their needs. 

 Learn more about the project by downloading the full case study.


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